Winter Wonderland- Photography

I joined the Visual Society during one of my semesters. While there the society had several contests with a theme. For this contest, the theme was a winter wonderland. I decided that I was going to take pictures for this contest and asked my friend Tobie Madsen to be my model. I really wanted to …


Photography Contest How I created my entry I labeled each picture and describe what is going on in the picture. I then left with a nice ending to the description. I think my descriptions really works with my pictures and truly helps when looking at the picture. I chose the same website for …

Light Painting

These pictures were taken using light painting. Light painting is setting your camera at certain settings, working in a dark room, and using a flashlight to light the objects. Since the camera is set at taking the picture slow it grabs all of the light that is shown. Giving the picture a certain effect.

Fine Art Print

Original Edited I took this picture in Yellow Stone National Park. It was such a beautiful day I really wanted to get the contrast between the sky and the muddy water. For editing, I adjusted the light levels and darkened the trees to make them pop more. ┬áThe reason why I decided on this picture …

Top 5

  All of these pictures were my favorite to take and edit throughout this semester. These are my top five and favorite pictures I have taken so far. I also feel these pictures also describe me and my style.