Product Redesign- Teton View Lavender Farm

For a redesign project, I wanted to find a local business that needed help with their labels.  When looking at the different companies that need help with their label I looked at a local business here in Idaho. There is a lavender farm in Sugar City, Idaho that has great products but horrible labeling. I decided that I would work with this business and redesign their product. This farm is called Teton View Lavender Farm. For a small business that has great products and friendly business owners, I wanted to improve their business.

13383664_10154901479758852_17818431_o 13396665_10154901479743852_1297907748_o

Original Labeling

When I decided to redesign this wonderful business label I had to keep in mind of the target audience and what would appeal to them the best. We that in mind I needed to look and see what is this business target audience. From researching and looking at people who use lavender products I figured that is millennial women. My reason for the way I chose this target audience is because this group of women are into all natural items and like to know that is in the products they are using. This group also likes to support local business owners. When I decided the target audience I needed to figure out a design that would appeal to them, so I decided to make the design simple and classy.

My big idea for this redesign is to make something that not only gives the look of an all-natural product but shows the lavender stock in a simple form. I think this new look will help their business in that it now actually looks like a business. Their original label didn’t really give this business creditability. Now I think this still keeps their look but in a professional manner giving them a better appeal to customers.


Sketching for this product I looked a lot google of images on how a lavender stock looks like. I did look at few pins on Pinterest for color schemes but I decided to create my own color scheme.

Here you can see that I had a lot of ideas but were not able to decide on which way to create the label. This final product is the third design I have created. I was struggling to do something that is simple and really talks gives the message of lavender.


I decided to create my own color scheme since I couldn’t find that I really liked. Here is a picture of all of the colors that I used in creating this project.

Screenshot (129)

Here is the icon that made to go on top of the text on both the top and bottom of the label. I really like how simple this icon is and like how it still tells the audience that this is a lavender stock.

Screenshot (130)

Final Product

Once everything is created and before I could print the design was in flat package design. Here you can see how the whole design looks without the product.


Next, I went to the printer and put the label on the product. Giving it a clean nice look.

13383466_10154901479698852_1014072222_o 13383589_10154901479738852_507628466_o

I am really happy with this final product. I think this really works with the look of the business and target audience that I am aiming towards. This new label gives the look of being professional but still has the feeling of the business. I also believe it gives the business a creditability look that shows future customers that this is a business. Overall I would be glad to give this design to the business owners.




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