Infographic- Bess Disappearing

This infographic is based on the disappearance of bees. I wanted to make this graphic look both professional and fun. This graphic I felt needed to be both visually appealing but informational. The graphic couldn’t have too much information because then the reader would not read it. I also wanted to make sure the graphic was easy to understand.

The reason I decided to do this graphic based on bees is because bees have for a long time been a big passion of mine One of the main reason on is mainly because of how smart bees are. For an animal to be so small yet is smart is truly amazing. Second reason is because of how close bees are with one another. They truly act as a family and try to take care of one another. Last of all without bees the human race would not be able to survive. Bees pollinate most of our food and without them, a lot of our food will disappear leaving us to starve. In the end without bees, the human race would dwindle.

While creating this infographic I didn’t really have too many problems. The main problem I had while creating this infographic was the bees. I wasn’t sure on how I should create them or how I wanted them to look like. Once I was able to get the bees just right I really didn’t have any more problems.

To make this infographic I used Adobe Illustrator and for the colors swatches, I used Adobe Kuler to pick out the right colors. The reason why I used Illustrator is because this program is easy to use when creating and organizing information. Here is the color pattern that I got from Kuler.

Screenshot (103)



Here I pulled all of my ideas and sketched out the ideas. I was able to decide how I wanted my layout, how to create my bees and what type of hive I want for the infographic.


Screenshot (104)

In this picture, I am starting the process of creating the infographic. I making the background to and the title of the graphic.

Screenshot (106)

Here I started making the honeycombs for the flow of the graphic and making sure that the background works.

Screenshot (108)

I started to make the bees but as you can see it wasn’t going so well. I was playing around and trying to see which way is the best to create the bees.

Screenshot (114)

I have decided what my bees will look like and redid the background to make it flow better. I also started to add more information to the graphic. I also separated the honeycombs to direct the reader.

Screenshot (115)

I am adding more information to the graphic and deciding on how to display that information in a creative way.

Screenshot (116)

Here I decided to add bee trails to show where the bee was flying before hand.

Screenshot (117)

I made the hive for the graphs to demonstrate the percentage. I also wanted to keep the hive like the rest of the infographic.

Screenshot (118)

I am almost done with all of the graphics but have the bottom part to do.

I like the end result of my infographic. I am really proud of how everything looks and enjoyed making this graphic.


I really do love the appeal of the graphic and I think I will make more just because I enjoyed it.


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