Identity Project- Branding

In this project I was to create a logo that symbolized myself as a brand and represented my work. My requirements were to make two brand marks, making one unique. My brand has to be professional and could be used for my future career.



I first started this process by coming up with several ideas on how I wanted my logo to look like. I also started thinking about who I am and about some of my passion projects. With this idea in mind I started to create my logo.

Logo One


In this logo I wanted something that was fun but still professional. When I started to make the logo I wasn’t too happy with it. I was thinking about scraping the logo and doing something else. But I talked with some of my friends and they encourage me to continue working on the logo. They gave me some ideas on how to improve but in the end I decided to not go with their ideas and to something different.


After looking at my logo I decided to keep some of the ideas I had but made changes to the colors. I really like what I have done with this logo. The main reason I think I like this logo is because of the colors for one but how simple it is. I feel this logo describes me and describes some of the work I have done or like to look at.

Logo Two


Originally I really liked this logo. I thought it was interesting but it needed work. I thought this was a great design and I could tell this needed work. I just wasn’t really sure exactly on how to make this logo better. I also knew with this logo I needed to add my name and what kind of work I can do. Working through the design some more and then looking for font that would work with the design. Which took longer than I like.


I decided to change the colors of the design. I also decided to make everything look aligned. I really like this look and I feel this logo says me more. I also like the color I chose. I personally think this logo is professional but also fun. I think this will be a great logo to have throughout my work.

Mock Up

I wanted to show what both of my logos will look like on mock up business cards. I really like how I have worked with these logos. I think these are both professional and really represents me.

Created with love from Petra Burger -
Created with love from Petra Burger –
Created with love from Petra Burger -
Created with love from Petra Burger –

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