Vector Graphics- Editorial

My concept was to create an illustration for an article of my choice between three articles. Here is the link to the article that I chose. My objective was to create an illustration that expressed what the article was about. I wanted to be creative but really express what is happening in the article.


ashlee_neslen_activity_wk12pt1 1


When sketching for this project I had to make three different types of word list. I then made three different sketches from my word list. I feel this didn’t help me come up with a design but it did prepared my brain to start thinking on what I was going to create.


Screenshot (70)

My first design I as going to have the networks be like DVDs and have Netflix added to the mix. My teacher didn’t like it and said there was too much writing. So I decided to go back to the drawing board.

Screenshot (63)

Here I started to make the logos and was deciding how I was going to make the bodies of the logos. I was going to make it the logo’s be the body itself but thinking for a bit I decided that I didn’t want to do that.

Screenshot (64)

I have now made the body for Netflix. This is when I started o adjust with the suit colors and see what looked best. I also was trying to make sure the bottom part was the correct size for both the logo and top.

Screenshot (65)

For the second suite I was adjusting the colors to the logo of the network and also making sure the suite was sized correctly.

Screenshot (67)

Once I made sure all of suits were working, I adjusted the size of the CBS little man and adjusted the logo of Netflix. My goal was to make it seem like Netflix is looking down at the CBS man.

Screenshot (68)

Here is the pattern I created for the background. I created the WiFi symbol in Netflix colors. In this picture I was adjusting the pattern to what would look best with my design.


I asked several of my classmates on what I needed to improve on. I was suggested on making the pattern in the background, which I did. I also adjusted the logo’s a little to make them work better with their bodies.

Final Product

Screenshot (71)

Here is my end result. I am really happy with what I came up with. I really like the background with the colors and that I chose. After several drafts, I think this one is my favorite and looks the best. I also really like I have the logo’s looking at each other. I think this express the article more than anything else.


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