Vector Graphics- Gig Poster

My concept was to create a gig poster for a genre type of music, that tells what the night will be like but artistic at the same time. My objective was to appeal to people who like indie/folk/rock music. An example of bands that I used as an inspiration was Hozier, the Head and the Heart, and Daughter. My target audience will mainly attract the millennial generation and people who like acoustic music.


Scan 1

The picture above is the sketches I used for my first design. I was originally going to make a gig poster with a girl with a skull face and flower crown. But after looking through my design I decided this was not what I wanted and decided to try something else.


Screenshot (47)

The picture above is the start of my second gig poster. Here I have used pen tool create the outline of my mountains. I also already created the border, along with the rectangle for the sky and grass.

Screenshot (48)Here I am adding color. As you can see I created a texture to the mountains. I made a rectangle and then used the crystallize tool to the design of my choice. I then copied that design but cutting pieces out and resizing to fit right with the mountains. I am also using a color scheme I found on google.

Screenshot (49)

In this picture, I was deciding on making the moon look different. I decided in the end not to. At this point, I add color to the grass around the mountains. In this picture, I was also wondering what to do with the grass on if I should add more dark green colors.


I talked to three of my classmates and asked them on their opinion. I was suggested to change my font and readjust my mountain on the left side. They also suggested fixing two legs of my wolf, since it looked a little too round for a leg. I did do all of this.

Final Product

Screenshot (52)

This is my final product. I created the wolf by using a reference I found online and sketched it out in my book. I then re-sketched the wolf in the forms of shapes to help me build the wolf in Illustrator. When creating the wolf I mainly used circles to create the wolf and then used the shape builder tool to eliminate shapes I didn’t need. I then used the white arrow tool to adjust anchor points to the correct shape needed. For the texture, I found a texture picture online and converted it to a vector graphic. Then added the vector graphic to my poster. Overall I am proud of the work I have done. I do wish I had more time but I am glad that was able to create something different from the norm.


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