Vector Graphics- T-Shirt Design

My concept was to create a t-shirt that has a good concept and is displayed well. My objective was to appeal to people who love musicals and happen to like cats at the same time. This target audience is mainly women of all ages, but this shirt would appeal to a younger group.



The picture above is the sketches I used to create my cat. This is after I created a word list and then was able to think of two items and put them together. I have different styles of cats on here trying to determine which way I wanted to express my concept. I was making sure about the details but in the end, I didn’t use any of the sketches I used.


Screenshot (31)

In the picture above you can see I started using the first sketch. I was still deciding on using this sketch and which way to take it.


Screenshot (42)

This is the draft I created and sent in. I liked my design idea but I felt like I wasn’t displaying it well. So I decided to try the other sketch.

Screenshot (34)

I started working on my new sketch. I wanted to try to make the cat sleeping. I felt the outline of my cat looked good and I was heading in the right direction.

Screenshot (35)

I am almost done with the first sketch. I had to add details and color. I still wasn’t sold on my design.

Screenshot (36)

After working through the second sketch I went and talked to my teacher. He helped me with figuring out how to display the cat. He also suggested that I try to make the cat as the real shape of the cat.

Screenshot (37)

You can see that I am starting to set the shape of the cat and starting to add details to the cat.

Screenshot (38)

The face is almost done. I have the nose and mouth set. I like the shape of the cat and the eyes look good but I don’t like the mouth. It really doesn’t look good and I feel it makes the cat look weird.


Screenshot (39)

I have added the details to the ears and I am starting to make the mask.

Screenshot (40)

I have started to add details such as color and making the cat look like there is fur. I have decided to not have a tmouth. Mainly I just didn’t like it and I feel it looks better this way.

Screenshot (41)

I have now added the body part. I still need to add fur to the ears and a tail. I feel the cat is coming along really well and can’t wait for this to be done.


I talked to my peers and my teacher. I followed what my teacher suggested and with my peers asked them if I needed to fix a few details. I basically did what everyone told me and I am happy with the look.

Final Product

Screenshot (43)

Here is the design I created that is now on a t-shirt. I really like my idea and I feel my cat looks amazing. I am happy with the end result and hope others will think so.



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