Vector Graphics- Watch

My concept was to create a life like clock or watch in vector form. My objective was to appeal to women who like flowers in a design but with an inner nerd twist. My audience is between the ages 16 -30, female, and people who like Star Wars.



The picture above is the sketches I created based off of a picture. The picture below is the example I used and what my clock is based on. I have a total of 4 different types of faces and several types of flowers I designed.




Screenshot (27)

I first started out with a different design when I started this project. When I sketched out my idea I thought it was good, but as I was creating the watch I didn’t like the way I was going. The picture above is the draft I submitted.

Screenshot (13)

Once I was able to decide on how I wanted my clock design to look I started making the base of the clock. I started making the frame of the clock. Since I wanted to make this clock life like, I had to use light and dark colors to give the effect the clock is curving inwards and outwards.

Screenshot (15)

Here is where I started to make the flowers that would go in the design of the face. I used the clock flowers as a reference but mostly created these myself.

Screenshot (17)

After making all of the flowers I made the design of the symbol I wanted in the face of my clock. The design I decided to use is the Star Wars rebel symbol. Putting flowers in the middle and using them as the outline.

Screenshot (18)

Here I started putting the flowers inside the symbol. Like the reference, I changed the colors while going down.

Screenshot (20)

As you can see I started changing the colors in the flowers and you can start to see the outline of the Star Wars symbol.

Screenshot (23)

I am almost done and you can see how everything is starting to come into place.

Screenshot (25)

At this point, the clock is almost done and I am adding in the shadows. To give the clock a life like character.

Screenshot (26)

The clock is nearly there I have my hands and shadows adjusted to how I wanted. A few more details and this clock is officially done.


I asked a lot of people what they thought about my clock. I would say I used every bit of recommendation I got. I used a wide arrange of people, for example, some were communication majors and the other were people who have never designed in their life.

Final Product

Screenshot (29)

This watch I created by sketching and using a reference to give a life like clock. I feel this clock gives a girl like me who is secretly a nerd with a cute twist to everyday objects.




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