Vector Graphics- Icons

My concept was to make tea cups in vector form, each one different but similar to one another. My objective was to appeal to an audience that is between the ages 18-26, female, and people who like old lady items. Such as tea cups.



Here are the sketches that I created to bring my ideas out on paper and then transfer over to Adobe Illustrator. I have a total of 12 types of tea cups and 3 different types of the same cup. My goal was to try and get as many ideas I had for one tea cup on paper. This way when I start to design on the computer I could see which idea would work better or combine them together. Also using the sketches as a guide for me to follow.


Screenshot (2)

Once I had my sketches done I started to work on the vector part. Having my sketches by the artboard I was able to see which way I needed to start working. My goal throughout building the tea cups I wanted to think of shapes, especially when putting everything together.

Screenshot (3)

Still making the outline. This is where I was experimenting and seeing which way I wanted to create each tea cup.

Screenshot (4)

Here I made up my mind I found that creating the tea cups in this was best and started working on each one.

Screenshot (6)

These are the 6 draft icons I finished. You can tell I was still unsure of how I wanted to fill in the cup. But I was heading in the right direction. Once I had this part done I was able to look and see which parts I really needed to work on.

Screenshot (5)

After talking to my teacher, he showed me a better way in making the top and the main part of the cup look one instead of separated. After fixing the 6 original icons I did I came up with these. Still a work in progress but I could tell I was heading in the right direction.

Screenshot (7)

Several hours later and some sweat I am almost done with the icons. I had to make a few more adjustments and make sure everything lined up. Then I had to get the icons set up professionally and decide if the icons needed a color background.


I did use the feedback I got from the teacher and from my peers. Two of my friends suggested I make some of the tops of the icons smaller. I also used some of their suggestions on making certain flower patterns. Last, of all I also did use the background they suggested just not in the same color.

Final Product


Each of these icons is a tea cup that I sketched and fit the style of a younger woman who likes teacups. The tea cups are all different but similar making each one work with one another. I feel I have accomplished my objective in showcases tea cups in a professional but cute way.


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