Focus-Depth & Shallow

AshleeNeslen-Deep1 AshleeNeslen-Deep2 AshleeNeslen-Shallow1 AshleeNeslen-Shallow2


1. In the Distance- 5/12/15, BYU Idaho Campus, 2:58 p.m.- f/stop 22- ISO 100- Canon EOS REBEL T3i

2. Purple Afternoon- 5/12/2015, BYU Idaho Gardens,  3:26 p.m.- f/stop 22- ISO 160-  Canon EOS REBEL T3i

3. Orange Day-5/12/2014, BYU Idaho Gardens, 3:20 p.m.- f/stop 5, ISO 100-Canon EOS REBEL T3i

4. Spring Time- 5/12/2015, BYU Idaho Plaza Center, 3:03 p.m.-f/stop 5.6- ISO 100- Canon EOS REBEL T3i

Throughout this project I really wanted to get good lighting. Which I found because of clouds and sometimes in the position I was in. But once I was in the right spot I found I could always get the perfect picture.


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