Project 5: Logo’s


  1. Description: Three different logo’s for one company.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): The program that I used for creating these logo’s was Adobe Illustrator. I first sketched out the logo’s and then started creating them through Illustrator. In the first I decided to do something really simple and easy to the eye. I chose a blue color to grab people’s attention. In the second logo I wanted it just be mainly about the company’s name and have what they do on the bottom. I was trying to make it look professional and yet still modern. I added a little color to make it pop more. In the third design I wanted a picture so I created a tree with numbers as leaves to represent money growing off of trees.
  3. Message: The message is for an accounting firm and the accountants name.
  4. Audience: To anyone who is looking to get their taxes done professional.
  5. Top Thing Learned: I learned that creating with Illustrator is harder than Photoshop and how to layer shapes on top of another.
  6. Three Color Scheme and Color Names:
    1. Analagous- Blue
    2. Triadic- Lime
    3. Triadic- Lime and Brick
  7. Three sets of Title / Body Font Names & Categories:
    1. Mayrid Pro- Sans Serif
    2. Perpetua Titling MT- Old style
    3. Source Sans Pro- Sans Serif
  8. Votes on favorite logo:
  9. Top Logo = 2; Middle Logo = 5; Bottom Logo = 3;
  10. My favorite logo is the middle logo.

5 Replies to “Project 5: Logo’s”

  1. When I first saw this I really thought that it was a professionally done logo. All of them are very well done and simple. I know that sometimes I want things to have something big and in your face, but yours are so simple that they stick out in a crowd. Way to go!


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