P3 Activity: Photography


Light 1: Outside

When I was taking this picture it was snowing so lighting was not all the way on my side. I decided to bring out the darkness in the tree’s and in the brick. I felt like there was too much white.

To make part of the picture I used the level and adjusted the levels to a darker side. I didn’t want to go to dark then it just made the picture look unnatural. So I just adjusted to the right level needed.


Light 2: Inside

My goal in this picture was trying to capture the red in the flower with using as much light as I could inside. When I first tried taking this picture I noticed that taking the picture with the light behind me didn’t work out. I decided to take the picture with the flower facing the window.

Once I uploaded the picture I made the red in the flower a little more brighter. I hoped this would catch the audience attention to look at the flower. I was just hopping this to be the main focus.



Focus 1: Foreground

Taking this picture the main goal for me was to get the details of the tea cup. I was hoping to make the buttons in the background harder to see. I also wanted to have the view of the saucer of the tea cup.

When I uploaded the picture I decided to make the purple stand out more. I think this makes the audience look closer at the picture. I also wanted the blue to stick out but not to much.


Focus 2: Background

My main focus is to make the tea cup harder to see the details on it. Where the buttons on the jacket make it more visible. I also wanted the color of the jacket to stick out more the color of the tea cup.

When I was taking this picture I felt like this was the hardest to take. For some reason I couldn’t angle the camera in the way I wanted. But once I did I felt like it was easier taking the picture.


Composition 1: Thirds

My main idea of this was to keep the tress in the main focus. I really wanted the ones with color still on them to be the one that catches the audience attention. I also felt like the snow added contrast to the black and red.

I decided to bring out the red that was still on the trees. When taking the picture I noticed that the camera couldn’t catch the red. It wasn’t until I started to edit that the red came out more.


Composition 2:  Leads Room

When taking this picture I wanted my subject to be the main focus while the picture be in the background. At the same time I wanted to still be able to view the picture. But still keep out of focus.

When I was editing I noticed that all three of the objects add pink so I decided to bring the color out more. I also decided to bring out more of the white out by using levels. I think this helped the contrast between the white and pink.




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