Project 1 Flier



A black and white flier that is promoting a conference for graduates.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

I first started the beginning process of sketching my layout for this flier. I then looked at the four sketches that I made and decided which one was best. I then started using Adobe InDesign to make the sketch come to life. I was given the body, picture, and logo. I did have to create some spelling mistakes on the body but everything else was given to me. My goal was to grab the audience attention on what time of convention this was and try to incorporate the logo of the v through out the flier. My main goal was to grab the attention of the student who is walking by the bulletin board.


The main message is to students who plan on graduating soon and need ideas on how to be great leaders.


Soon to be or have graduated students, around the age 21-30.

Top Thing Learned:

The top thing that I learned is that sometimes on paper the idea may be a good idea but not on InDesign

Title Font Name & Category:

Minion Pro- Oldstyle

Copy Font Name & Category:

Ariel- Sans Serif

Links to images used in this project





4 Replies to “Project 1 Flier”

  1. I really like the shapes that you used in your flier. There is plenty of gray scale and white space. It’s organized, but it’s also really different, and I really like that. I feel like my eye is drawn to all the right places and it’s easy to know what it is that you’re getting at. Awesome job!


  2. Ashlee, I really like the shapes that you used on your flier. It does a good job of breaking things up so that it isn’t the same standard that we are used to. I like that you bolded the word graduate, it definitely pulls my attention there and then the information about what day and times the conference is are right there and easy to find. The font that you used makes it easy to read and I like the picture that you used since it connotes a happy feeling and not a dreary conference. Here is a link to another project who did a great job!


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